The OddBeats

by Seuora

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released December 18, 2014

Rev F. - Guitar, melodica, vocals.
J. Backwater - Percussions
W. Rotsworth - Bass
Cantor J. Wall - Vocals

All songs written and performed by Seuora

Recorded at BT mobile studios



all rights reserved


Seuora Finland

No good
feel bad
three man
junk band.

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Track Name: Wither Away
I bury my roots into ground
I spread my branches uo high
I bloom and wither away, just like we all do

I set my hopes up high
and I tried to live right
but finally on my death bed
I wail and I moan and I cry

My days in the sun are all done
From shadows to shadows I run
From cradle to the grave, we all will wither away
Track Name: One to the Wind
What's the secret, what's in the box?
I don't know, no one knows

The bridge carries the weight
The chasm longs a friend
and the rain, it mixes with tears
One to the wind, another to the waters
The whispers echo through the night

The blood goes for ink
and the bones for pens
The history is written on sand
The dust of ages
covers the scribbles
and the bugs they do their deed

The wind cries for pain
The tree keeps it's stand
the roots drill deep into ground
The branches bend down
Under the pressure
the leaves they grow grey

The river washes the stones
softens their sides
But I feel the moss in my feet
A road needs a direction
like a man needs a dream
together they go hand in hand
Track Name: Forgive Me
Street lamps paint the horizon
making it glow red
The smokestacks cough their fumes against the dark blues night sky
A haunting melody echoes in the air
Waking up the deepest darkest fears in your heart

Most of your years spent in the dark
With the dead and the damned
Time slipt through your finger and your future snuck by
You stayed behing my friend
you were left behind

And they hear you cry;
Forgive me when I forget you
Forgive me when I do

No amount of liquor
No amount of cigarettes
Could ever fill the hole in your heart
Only wasted years
And bitter tears
You were left with regret and shame

And no one hears you cry;
Forgive me when I forget you
Forgive me when I do.
Track Name: Rattlin'
Once in our day
I'll be gone, I'll be dead in the ground
But speak my name out loud
And I'll be rattling my bones
I swear I'll be back once more

The night's long
and it's cold, and it's dark outside
Hold me, I'll hold you
Until the sun is up
I swear I'll be back once more

Let it rain
Let it pour, let us drown in the streets
Come hell, come high water
Let the tides roll in
I swear I'll be back once more

Roll the bones
Throw the dice, put a curse on me
I'll suffer, I'll pay
But I'm much stronger than that
I swear I'll be back once more

Now put me under
Put me down, put me six feet in the ground
I'll dig and I'll dig
My way up from my grave
I swear I'll be back once more

I'll be rattling my bones
Track Name: 34512
No one should ever know what I've know
No one should see what I've seen
They tend to tell me I'm sick in the head
But how can they know; I'm the one who is wrong?

34512, well that's my name
or the number code at the foot of my bed
The things i've seen defy any belief
No one should ever see what I've seen

Why can't they tell me what's wrong with me
Why can't they just make it stop

The voices in my head they tell me
Things I should never hear
They tell me things about the other side
They tell me what to do with my life

Why can't they tell me what's wrong with me
Why can't they just make it stop
Track Name: Darling
Weight of the world on my shoulders
Your slippery tongue in my ear
I raise my voice, sing my sorrow
Your fingers on my tendons

I tie my noose, you cut me down
I make the wound, you bring the salt
Sleep, sleep now darling, drift among the dreams
I'll be your sandman with a rag and a phial

My itching teeth, my weary branches
I bury my anger, bury my blade
The taste it stay, burns my throat
I drink a river, I drink a lake

Your pale white skin, your bent bones
I see you swinging, I see you fly
Smoking amber, smell of rot
My burned hands and your charred remains

Oh darling, darling I put you down
Down, down, down to the ground
Where you wont be found
Down down, down down, down.
Track Name: I'll
Bite marks on the skin
Love letter in the flesh
Your sweet essence
Lingers on my tongue

I'll eat you whole

I'll beat me up
I'll make me gone
I'll hate us both
I swear I'll be gone

I will be gone

I'll let you down
I'll make you hurt
I'll pick you up
I'll make it allright

I'll let you down
Track Name: Evil Within
Streets run red under our feet
Air so toxic you can not breath
Try to survive in this snowy glow
Of the nuclear winter we brought home

We can blame the men in suit
or we can blame a god in heaven
but open your heart and let the darkness flow inside you
Embrace the evil within

What kind of a god
ships it's troops over the seas
puts a brother against brother
Reload your reverse bibles

We can blame the men in suit
or we can blame a god in heaven
but open your heart and see the darkness flow inside you
Embrace the evil within

Birthdays turn into wakes
Presidents beg for forgiveness
The enemy's within our ranks
The enemy's within put hearts!

We can blame the men in suit
or we can blame a god in heaven
but open your heart and feel the darkness flow inside you
Embrace the evil within
Track Name: Hate the Dead / Envy the Living
Now I'm just me, but I used to be someone else
My mouth filled with dirt, my feet wont touch the ground

I lost my left arm, wore my heart on it's sleeve
Walls painted red, this blood aint mine

Whe you are dead, I'll hold you in a jar
So I can keep you and love you even after you are dead

I'm lost in the void, I've danced with the dead
I'm the cold wind blowing through you

Keep me in your thoughts, remember me
When the tears dry up I'll still be here

Time goes by (Hate the dead)
Vessels pass by (Envy the living)
Life goes by (Hate the dead)
Death passes by (Envy the living)

Everything rots, all fades away
Stuck in my limbo I'll still be here

(Hate the dead, Envy the living)
Track Name: Death Cult
From the darkness to the blinding light
From the waters to the burning heat
Our eyes still shut we stumble through life
With no guiding light we are lost in the dark

The sun goes down, the shadows grow tall
Our fragile bones and our tired souls
Back to where you came from, into the dirt
From shadows to shadows the darkness prevails

Death Cult for the living, life's for the dead

Stuck in the past, we live in fear
The gears grind down, all the way down to bone
We are eternal, immortal they say
Our bodies rot away and so do our souls

Death Cult for the living, life's for the dead

Now it's time to say goodbye
Now don't be sad; we will meet again
Some happier day, somewhere down the line
Some happier day, much happier than this!

Death Cult for the living, Life's for the dead!